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PSDS Funding

How We Can Help

Our team of energy consultants and engineers at Mantis Energy have 5 years of experience helping both public sector and commercial buildings devise their personal road map to achieving net zero carbon targets. With a wealth of experience working with schools, churches, workspaces, warehouses, hospitals and more we can help you reach your net zero building goals from initial conception through to project completion.

Mantis Energy can assist with setting net zero carbon targets and creating the correct strategy and plan to meet your needs. We have experience with public sector decarbonisation plans, funding applications, technical funding audits, detailed fabric, mechanical & electrical design as well as on site project management activities and final monitoring and verification once projects are complete.

Mantis Energy Heat Decarbonisation How We Can Help

Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF)

Mantis Energy Heat Decarbonisation - Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF)


The Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF) has provided £66 million in funding since 2020 and is exclusively for public sector buildings including leisure centres, hospitals, community centres and schools. The LCSF is intended to help support the costs involved in the creation of heat decarbonisation plans and net zero projects in public sector spaces


Applications can be submitted online currently on an annual basis. Mantis Energy have assisted in the successful application and awarding of £500,000 from the LCSF for projects in the public sector.


Some of our past successful projects include:

  • The Diocese of Blackburn
  • The Diocese of Chichester
  • Ryedale Learning Trust
  • Newbridge Academy Trust

Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS)


The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) is intended to assist in the cost of decarbonisation for buildings in the public sector such as leisure centres, schools and hospitals. Successful applicants receive grants to cover the costs of the design, procurement and installation of building fabric improvements and low carbon heating systems in order to replace fossil fuel based heating systems


To be considered for these grants Mantis Energy can assess your buildings to create detailed heat decarbonisation plans and identify those buildings most likely to achieve a successful bid. Mantis Energy can then prepare a technical application and support the project further if funding is granted


So far Mantis Energy has successfully secured £18,500,000 in funding for various organisations including projects for;

  • The Diocese of Blackburn
  • The Challenge Academy Trust
  • The Diocese of Chichester
  • The Diocese of Liverpool
Mantis Energy, Heat Decarbonisation, Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS)

Heat decarbonisation plans should outline the most cost-effective pathways to decarbonising heat through integration of energy efficiency measures that reduce heat demand, taking a ‘whole building approach’ to decarbonisation.

The Heat Decarbonisation Plan is a personalised building overview of the best strategy for reaching net zero carbon targets. The HDP can then be used to complete a PSDS funding application or as a high level guide for your net zero building strategy. Our plans incorporate the most relevant data and funding figures to ensure you receive the right level of funding, this is extremally important to get your project off the ground should you be successful during the funding stage.

Each HDP includes building and premises information, project resources, previous energy efficiency projects, heating networks & opportunities, Electricity loading capacity, technical supporting information, proposed improvement strategy, plans for the sites, key risks and challenges

Our detailed plans can lead to successful funding for public sector buildings. One of our past successful projects include securing £6 million in funding for The Challenge Academy Trust to decarbonise 5 of their most in need school buildings.

Mantis Energy, What is a Heat Decarbonisation Plan?
Mantis Energy, What is involved in the design stage?

Mantis Energy have been submitting Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation (PSDS) bids for several past funding rounds (PSDS 1, 3A, 3B) and are familiar with the current and future application process (PSDS 3C). We specifically tailor our decarbonisation plans and pre-application design work to include the most relevant and up to date information to increase your chances of a successful grant application.

Mantis Energy - What is involved in the Funding Application?

If you are successful in obtaining funding for your project you are in a great position to start decarbonising your building!! However there is a lot of design work, planning and coordination work ahead.

Mantis Energy, What is involved in the Project Construction Stage?
Mantis Energy - What is involved in the M&V Stage?