Who We Help


Do you want to future proof your home?

We work directly with you to help achieve your goals through carefully surveying, analysing and planning your Future Home project:

  • Live in a healthier and more comfortable home that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Reduce operation costs by using less energy and increase the value of your home by upgrading it with the latest energy technology
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading your home which helps protect the environment and combat climate change


Do you want to add value to your projects and have an interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy?

As an architect you want to deliver amazing designs and we can help support you by providing advice, knowledge and expertise to improve the functionality of your projects:

  • We can help provide an energy design strategy early on to assist with planning (RIBA Stages 0 to 2)
  • At design stages we apply our technical expertise (RIBA Stages 3 to 4) to help complete drawings specifications for building regulations and tendering
  • Mantis Energy help manage the completion and handover of the project to ensure final sign off and designed performance. (RIBA Stages 5 to 6)


Are you planning to build a new property? Do you buy, refurb and sell existing properties?

We can work directly with you and your architect providing support through the planning, design and build stages of your project:

  • Lower energy cost future homes with low carbon emissions are more attractive to homebuyers
  • Homes that are smarter, more efficient and use renewable technology have a higher value
  • Future proofed homes with the latest fabric and technology hold and increase their value vs outdated buildings


Interested in working on more sustainable projects? Do you want to develop additional expertise?

We can work directly with you and your client providing design consultancy, office training (CPD) and on-site guidance:

  • Builders: Do you want to build properties more energy efficient than current building regulations and using sustainable materials?
  • Heating Engineers: Interested in innovative heating technologies such as heat pumps, thermal stores and heat batteries?
  • Electricians: Would you like to be involved with smart home technology and renewable energy systems?
  • Plumbers: Interested in rainwater harvesting, waste water heat recovery and efficient hot water systems?