Independent Experts in Home Efficiency and Renewable Energy

We survey homes, provide energy assessments and project management services across Cheshire, Greater Manchester & Merseyside.

We Provide EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Surveys

Mantis Energy Energy Usage Assessment

We help you analyse your heat and power usage and reduce your energy bill.

Mantis Energy - Energy Efficiency Assessment

Improvements are analysed and recommended to make your home more efficient.

Mantis Energy Renewable Energy Assessment

We advise on available technology that generates your own renewable energy.

Mantis Energy Project Management

Our project plans and supervision of your retrofits means less work for you.

Mantis Energy provides home efficiency and renewable energy advice across

 Warrington • Chester • Manchester • Salford • Liverpool • Wirral

Why Choose Mantis Energy

Mantis Energy - Independent Renewable Energy Advice

We provide independent advice

We work for you, the homeowner. By assessing your home, we determine the best possible solutions that are feasible and cost effective. If a solution isn’t right for your home, we will not recommend it.

Mantis Energy - Energy Experts

We are energy experts

Mantis Energy engineers hold internationally recognised engineering and project management qualifications. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards and continually improving the quality of our services.

Michael – Managing Director of Mantis Energy

We want UK homeowners to live in efficient, low carbon homes. Based on this, we are focused on working directly with and for our clients to help them with any aspect of their home energy retrofit projects.

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Mantis Energy Chartered-Engineer
Association for Project Management - Mantis Energy
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