Energy Compliance

Energy Compliance and Buildings Regulations are not the most exciting of topics however they are very important to ensure your building is safe, efficient and you get what you pay for.

Carrying out the correct energy calculations and showing that your new projects meet building regulations is often required at the start, middle and end of your project. While it might not always be clear what is required it is always best to have your project energy compliance and building regulations completed well in advance of starting construction.

Showing that you can meet energy compliance and building regulations early can also assist with planning applications and in more and more cases is actually becoming mandatory. Mantis Energy can help with existing buildings, extensions, commercial to residential conversions, new build homes and large development sites

Mantis Energy can also assist your build by helping with the below solutions

  • Acoustic Testing & Compliance
  • Damp Proof Surveys
  • Cavity Wall Borescope Inspections
  • Energy & Sustainability Statements
  • Lifecycle Costs & Embodied Carbon
  • Daylighting Analysis