Design Services

A holistic approach to future home designs. We can assist homeowners, architects and developers with their existing and new-build future home developments

Design Services workflow from Mantis Energy

Existing Homes

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Future home design consultation

Unsure where to start with your existing or new home?  A free consultation call can answer any questions you have.

Alternatively if you want to go into more detail, we can provide a 1 hour Consultation in person or over a video call to discuss your existing or new build home design.

Existing Home Energy Retrofit Plans

Transform your existing property into a future home. An Energy Retrofit Plan (ERP) provides you with a detailed picture of your current home energy use and energy efficiency based on a detailed site survey.

The ERP provides a retrofit plan showing how you can make your home more energy efficient and use renewable power and heating technology. After the ERP is complete we then support you through your home improvement plans.

The ERP consists of:

  • Energy Use Assessment: How much energy you use based on property type, occupancy, type of use

  • Energy Efficiency Assessment: An overview of your current properties building fabric, condition and your systems

  • Retrofit Recommendations: A list of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements that can be made

  • Cost & Schedule of Work: Costs, energy saving, carbon reduction, economics, install times, plan with other work

  • Retrofit Details / Risk Assessment: A detailed list of individual improvements with install considerations

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4-Bed Semi-Detached House

  • Cheshire


A complete energy retrofit was undertaken to modernise this early 1900 property and use energy as efficiently as possible utilising renewable heating and power generation.

New Homes

New Build Future Home Design

Let us help you design your future home. A new build future home design provides a detailed design strategy and a construction plan to build a low running cost, low carbon home that is fit for the future. We can work directly with you and your architect.

The design plan includes a fabric first energy efficient design with a detailed renewable heating, hot water and power design. Once the design is ready we can then support you through your homes construction.

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The new build design process consists of:

  • Energy Efficient Design of Building Fabric and Sustainable Material Design & Specifications
  • Efficient Mechanical and Electrical systems design (Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Hot & Cold Water, Drainage, Lighting, Power, Data)

  • Renewable Heating, Hot Water, Power and Storage Design (Heat Pumps, Solar Panels, Solar Thermal, Batteries)
  • Energy Use Assessment: How to much energy you will use in your new home. A strategy to control and monitor your new future home

  • Cost, Schedule and Detail of Work: Install Costs, Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, Economics, Install Times, Install Considerations.

3 Bed Bungalow:
Low Carbon Future Home

  • Cheshire


Mantis Energy worked directly with the client and architect to produce a low carbon fabric, mechanical and electrical design for this high end newbuild property in Cheshire. The property benefits from large amounts of renewable power generation and low carbon heating technology.

Architects and Developers

Do you require sustainable M&E design services? 

We can provide technical support for fabric efficiency, mechanical & electrical services and renewable systems at all RIBA stages (Stages 0 to 4). Mantis Energy assist with design, planning, construction and project handover. A big part of what we do is being involved in projects early as well as monitoring our completed projects to verify performance.

We offer the following detailed design services:

  • Energy Efficient Building Fabric Design (SAP, PHPP): Room by Room Heat Load / Cooling Calculations, Thermal Bridging Modelling and Analysis

  • Efficient Mechanical & Electrical Design (Hot & Cold Water Services, Underfloor Heating, Above Ground Drainage, Lighting, Small Power, Fire & Security)

  • Air Conditioning / Ventilation Design (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery [MVHR], Air Handling, High Air Filtration, PassivHaus Design)

  • Renewable Heating and Hot Water Design (Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Thermodynamic, Heat Batteries)

  • Renewable Power and Storage Design (Solar PV, Batteries, Wind Turbines, Hydropower, CHP, Biomass)

  • Smart Home Automation Design with Energy Monitoring and Control (Lighting, Power, Blinds, Heating / Cooling and Renewable Power & Storage)

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