Diocese of Blackburn: 180+ Heat Decarbonisation Plans

North West England


Mantis Energy were engaged by The Diocese of Blackburn to assist with the Church of England’s Net Zero 2030 plan which included 180+ school heat decarbonisation plans across the North West.

After completing detailed site surveys of the schools, building energy models were created and decarbonisation plans were completed. Mantis Energy have advised the Diocese of Blackburn that there were a number of suitable schools that could apply for the SALIX Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).

2x Successful PSDS Schemes (PSDS 1 and PSDS 3A) have been completed for so far with decarbonisation funding for 27x Schools and many more future school projects identified.

Upon completion of the first PSDS 1 Scheme, Mantis Energy were engaged to conduct Monitoring & Verification Services of the new systems. Our team installed specialist monitoring equipment to track the energy use of the new heating, hot water and renewable energy systems installed in the schools. The data is analysed to confirm the carbon emissions and energy savings of each school compared to the initial estimate in the heat decarbonisation plans. This data can be tracked and analysed by the schools using an online dashboard available 24/7.

Project Team

Diocese Board of Education: Project Owner

Mantis Energy: Energy Consultants


  • 180x Heat Decarbonisation Plans
  • Detailed Site Surveys
  • Dynamic Building Energy Modelling
  • Decarbonisation Analysis & Reporting
  • Salix PSDS Application Support
  • Decarbonisation Project M&E Design
  • Monitoring & Verification Plans
  • Monitoring System Installation & Tracking