A Guide to Energy Statements

What is an Energy Statement?

An Energy Statement is a detailed document outlining ways to reduce carbon emissions and incorporate energy technologies economically. They explain how a development, whether it be residential or commercial, will cut energy use or CO2 emissions, meeting local planning standards and exceeding UK Building Regulations to promote sustainable practices.

Why are Energy Statements Important?

Often this is a requirement set by Local Authorities, exemplified by The London Plan Policy. An Energy Statement is also essential to meet specific BREEAM targets and ensures compliance with Building Regulation 25a (Part L: 2013).

What is Included in an Energy Statement?

  • Baseline annual CO2 emissions and energy use.
  • Building envelope efficiency.
  • Heating, ventilation, and lighting systems
  • Feasibility of low or zero carbon technologies
  • Costs of proposed renewable energy technologies

How can Energy Statements be used to increase property value?

Energy-efficient buildings can be used to boost the market value of properties. Buildings with good energy performances attract buyers and tenants looking for lower energy costs and eco-friendly properties. In addition, a high energy-efficient rating creates a modern, desirable property with lower operational costs.

The London Plan Policy 5.2

The Mayor of London has pledged to transform London into a zero-carbon city by 2050. As part of this initiative, all planning applications for projects within London must include an Energy Assessment. The assessment shows how the project will comply with London Plan Policy 5.2 and follow the Mayor’s energy hierarchy proposal of ‘Be Lean’, ‘Be Clean’, and ‘Be Green’.

Developments can achieve these carbon reduction by:

  • Enhancing the building fabric, such as by improving U-values and air tightness
  • Exploring connections to heat networks or combined heat and power (CHP) systems can lead to additional savings
  • incorporating renewable technology systems

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