Project Management

A great design is nothing without great implementation.


Mantis Energy can review all the work required and create a plan to ensure the project is complete on time, on budget and performs well. We can also liaise directly with the local planning department, building control officers and utility connectors.

Supplier / Installer analysis

Identifying the best equipment and people to complete the work is very important to ensure the performance of your home is maximised. We assess and recommend suppliers and installers based the project itself and the technologies to be installed.

Parts / Installer Procurement

A more comprehensive procurement of parts and installers must be completed when projects are of high cost and complexity. Mantis Energy can complete a pre-tendering, procurement and post tender analysis to ensure each project has a choice of contractors. Selecting the final team to complete the work can be a vital part in successful energy project.

Contractor Supervision / Quality Control

Construction projects often have a number of contractors working on-site at the same time. Coordinating these activities to ensure there are no issues is very important. Mantis Energy can provide on-site supervision of contractors and inspections of installations to ensure the systems are installed correctly.

Schedule & Budget Control

The design is complete, the work has started however if the project costs more than it should or takes twice as long as expected the project has not been a success. To make a project successful we can track the schedule of unfinished and completed work as well as identify any cost or schedule challenges early to minimise them.

Commissioning, Handover & Project Close-Out

We can ensure that your work is commissioned correctly and works as it should. Mantis Energy can help with completed work sign off and ensuring all documentation (drawings, manuals, certificates, warranties) have been provided.

3 Bed Bungalow:
Low Carbon Future Home

  • Cheshire


Mantis Energy worked directly with the client and architect to produce a low carbon fabric, mechanical and electrical design for this high end newbuild property in Cheshire. The property benefits from large amounts of renewable power generation and low carbon heating technology.