Verifying that everything has been completed as designed is a critical step to finishing a project. Let Mantis Energy help you with the paperwork.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) Compliance from Mantis Energy

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

An existing property requires an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to be available to potential buyers as soon as you market your property for sale or rent. You must use an accredited Energy Assessor to produce the EPC.

EPC’s tell you how energy efficient a property is based on the building materials, heating and lighting. The property is given a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient).

SAP Calculations (Newbuild EPC)

SAP calculations are a requirement of the UK Building Regulations, and are required for all newly built dwellings in the UK. A SAP Rating is required for all new homes under Part L of the building regulations.

SAP calculations are used to produce Energy Performance Certificates and demonstrate compliance with Part L of building regulations. A SAP is required for a new build property, building conversion and an extension.

SAP Calcuations Compliance to UK Building Regulations from Mantis Energy

4-Bed New House:
Energy Calculations

  • Cheshire


Mantis Energy provided Newbuild L1A SAP energy calculations and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for this high end home in Cheshire to make sure it has been designed and built efficiently.

Compliance and Sustainability reporting from Mantis Energy to meet local authority regulations

Energy Statements / Sustainability Reports

An Energy Statement shows how a development will meet local energy and sustainability policies. Local authorities or councils will set targets based on energy demand, CO2 emissions and the use of renewable technologies.

An energy statement should include CO2 emissions calculations for the standard and also proposed (improved) building design. The statement should include a feasibility study for suitable renewable technologies.

4-Bed New House:
Energy Statement

  • Cheshire


Mantis Energy provided Newbuild L1A SAP energy calculations and an energy statement for this high end home in Leeds to make sure it has been designed and built efficiently and use renewable heating and power generation technology where possible. Mantis Energy assessed that the property would be suitable for a biomass boiler, solar PV panels and a solar thermal array.

Air Pressure Tests

Air Testing (also known as Air Pressure Testing or Air Tightness Testing) is a requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations require all new build dwellings to pass an Air Test.

Part L states that new developments must meet air pressure targets to minimise the risk of heat loss caused by air leakage. A successful air test shows that the property has a reduced cost to heat and less carbon emissions.

Air Pressure testing by Mantis Energy Engineer on a future home